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Tina Satter | 2023 | 83 MINS
Using the transcript of the arrest of whistleblower Reality Winner, Tina Satter’s superb piece of verbatim cinema asks questions about how power is wielded in real life.

In Detail

A former American intelligence specialist was given the longest sentence for the unauthorized release of government information to the media about Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections via an email operation.

The transcript of an audio recording of the FBI officers’ arrest and questioning of Winner became public; now Satter has used it, to the letter, as the basis of a movie. It shows us the moment-by-moment situation as Winner, superbly played by Sydney Sweeney, is politely confronted outside her house by the two federal agents. Reality can be stranger than fiction, but ‘Reality’ fuses the two to become stranger, and more riveting, still.

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