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Robot Dreams

Pablo Berger | 2023 | 102 MINS
Family Cinema - Kids only £2.50

With a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes (film critics’ website), this beautiful tale of friendship and love in the hand-drawn streets of vintage New York is a wondrous dialogue-free film that will warm the hearts of adults and kids alike.

★★★★★ Telegraph & Guardian; 100% on Rotten Tomatoes
"Wise and wondrous... kids will be amused and enchanted, and any accompanying grown-ups existentially destroyed"

In Detail

Dog lives in Manhattan where he is tired of being alone, so one day he decides to build himself a robot, a companion.

Their friendship blossoms, and the unlikely pair begin to explore their surroundings until they become inseparable - to the rhythm of 1980's New York City. But a beach trip changes everything for the happy duo.

After a delightful swim on a hot summer’s day, the unsuspecting Robot rusts away, with his helpless buddy unable to move him despite his best efforts.

What follows is a mournful and heartbreaking chapter, to a level scarcely achieved in live action films, with Pablo Berger ultimately creating a film that will stay with the viewer for ages.

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