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Róise and Frank

Rachel Moriarty / Peter Murphy | 2022 | 90 MINS
Ireland | Subtitles
A heart-warming and charming tale of a widow who has given up on life, becoming convinced that a stray dog is the reincarnation of her hurling-loving husband.

In Detail

Grief-stricken Róise lost her husband, Frank, two years ago. Her son, Alan, worries about her but the arrival of a mysterious dog seems to bring happiness to her life once more.

Róise soon comes to believe that the dog is, in fact, Frank reincarnated. He has come back to be with her again... and to coach the local sports team. You’d need a shard of ice in your heart not to be charmed even just a little by this eccentric Irish-language comedy – not a dry eye in the house guaranteed at the closing credits.

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