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Roman Holiday

118 MINS
William Wyler's Roman Holiday (1953) is a modern fairytale whose two leads have a charm and innocence that irradiate the whole movie.

In Detail

Gregory Peck plays Joe, a US news stringer in Rome who stumbles across the story of the century: a beautiful, shy young woman, eager for some adventure with him as her guide.

She turns out to be demure Princess Ann, from an imaginary European country. This sublime film rightly secured a best actress Oscar for Audrey Hepburn (in a role originally intended for Jean Simmons) and resulted in both Hepburn and Rome (not to mention motor scooters!) becoming the epitome of postwar chic.

Immaculately directed by William Wyler, and written and played with style and grace, this is a film to treasure, both for its endearing action and marvellous performances.

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