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Ron’s Gone Wrong

Sarah Smith/Jean-Philippe Vine | 2021 | 106 MINS
Lonely kid Barney finally gets a Bubble Bot – the hottest new robot tech – except his is a damaged model whose hilarious malfunctions spark an adventure.

In Detail

The core of the tale is a friendship between a pair of loveable rejects. There’s 13-year-old Barney Pudowski who just can’t click with the other kids in his school. Then there’s Ron (Zach Galifianakis in ‘sooth’ mode), the ‘B*Bot’ which literally fell off the back of a truck.

Because he can’t connect to the internet, he’s a free-spirited naïf who must learn about the world through Barney, with the old-school help of a corkboard and a bunch of Post-it notes.

“Visualised with verve, it's a zingy, mercilessly funny satire on how devices, with their ever-so-friendly interfaces, have in fact become our despots.” The Telegraph

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