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Göksel Gülensoy | 2020 | 90 MINS
Turkey | Subtitles
A positive exploration of dementia using an actual case study while constructing a life through home movies, and dramatized reconstruction of family memories.

In Detail

The life of Sadan Ünüvar is shown intertwined with the information about Alzheimer's disease, her diagnoses, the speeches of specialists, the importance of caregivers and early diagnosis as well as the influence of Alzheimer's disease on her life. The project started in 2013 with her diagnosis of Alzheimer's and was mostly shot in Sadan Ünüvar's own house in Kadıköy Moda.

Scientific support was received from the Alzheimer's Association from the beginning of the shoot. Alzheimer's disease consists of three basic stages. The aim was to take important and specific images of these stages of the disease, to feed them into documentary fiction and make people knowledgeable about Alzheimer's while telling an immersive life story, rather than to squeeze people into a didactic narrative. The result shows the extraordinary relationship between her doctor and this vigorous and humorous 90-year-old woman.

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