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Ayten Amin | 2020 | 96 MINS
Egypt/Tunisia/Germany | Subtitles
Souad, a 19-year-old young Egyptian woman, leads a double life. While remaining conservative and veiled among her family and society, she is obsessed with her image on social media. Razor-sharp and non-judgemental.

In Detail

19-year-old Souad (Bassant Ahmed) leads a double life. Conservative and veiled in public, online she obsesses over her appearance and embarks on secret virtual romances. A film that casts a sharp eye on the challenges faced by women in a strongly patriarchal society where tradition and modernity collide in uneasy ways.

Souad and her friends discuss boys, sex and more just like any other women their age, though they must be more discreet lest their elders take punitive action. Featuring astonishing performances from a cast of non-professionals, the film - co-produced by Wim Wenders - examines the contradictions of teenage life in contemporary Egypt.

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