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Spartacus (2021)

Live from the Bolshoi Theatre

Yuri Grigorovich | 2021 | 195 MINS

A rollicking night out with the Bolshoi in this production brimming with virtuosity and spectacle.

In Detail

'Spartacus', based on the account of a slave rebellion in Italy in 73BC, and made popular by Stanley Kubrick’s 1960 film, is a perfect Soviet allegory of an oppressed, noble populace fighting bravely to overthrow a fascist, decadent ruling class.

It’s a big, thumping warhorse of a ballet, set to a big, thumping score by Aram Khachaturian, and it is thrillingly enjoyable for the pyrotechnical feats of its leading dancers, the slightly camp silliness of its balletic warfare, its melodramatic pas de deux and cinematic narrative sweep. “the ballet, for all its focus on soloist virtuosity, is also an ensemble tour de force, a marvellous display of might from the Bolshoi corps. Spartacus is still a ballet for the masses, on stage and off.” The Guardian

15:06 - 15:47 Open & PART 1: SPARTACUS (41:00)
15:47 - 16:13 INTERMISSION (26:00)
16:13 - 16:55 PROGRAM - PART 2: SPARTACUS (42:00)
16:55 - 17:21 INTERMISSION (26:00)
17:21 - 18:07 PROGRAM - PART 3: SPARTACUS (46:30)
18:07 - 18:15 BOWS / CREDITS / SIGN-OF

195m approx

Tickets £17.50 (Friends / under 25's £15)