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Spring Blossom

Seize Printemps

Suzanne Lindon | 2020 | 73 MINS
France | Subtitles
A teenage girl meets a man 20 years her senior in writer-director-star Suzanne Lindon’s debut feature, a subtle portrait of adolescent female desire.

In Detail

16 year old young Parisian Suzanne (played by the director) is distant and disconnected around her fellow students. When she catches sight of a handsome man, Raphaël (Arnaud Valois), nearly two decades her senior, she finds her adoration of him fills the gap in her distracted mind.

The two leads have electric chemistry together and the film rejects any Lolita or ‘Manhattan’ comparisons. Suzanne is no victim and as a writer-director she feels completely in control.

A portrait of romance and fantasy, boredom and adolescence, Suzanne Lindon’s understated and elegant debut navigates the unique thrills of first love.

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