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An illustrated talk by Ian Haydn Smith

Lindsay Anderson was a dominant force in British cinema for three decades, both as a critic and filmmaker. As his career as a director was taking off, he also branched into theatre. He established the Royal Court as a base for radical experimentation and political provocation, his views about Britain and British life also playing a crucial role in much of his film work.

In Detail

Ian Haydn Smith will not only discuss Anderson’s films within the context of the era in which they were made, he will also locate the director’s work within the wider landscape of world cinema.

From his early documentary shorts through to the critical highpoint of the 1960s and early ’70s, this talk will also examine how working across various art forms gave Anderson’s work a vitality whose spark still burns brightly today. He will use excerpts from Anderson’s films and will open with a screening of one of the finest, the short ‘O Dreamland’ (1956).