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100 MINS
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Reflections on Film and TV Adaptations of Patricia Highsmith’s Fiction A talk featuring clips from 20 film and TV adaptations of Patricia Highsmith’s novels and short stories - part of the ‘Loving Highsmith’ strand.

In Detail

When her debut novel, ‘Strangers on a Train’, was made into a hugely successful film by Alfred Hitchcock, Patricia Highsmith was still in her 20s.

In this talk, illustrated by a wealth of clips, Patrick Hargood, our Education Officer, will be looking back at eight decades of subsequent Highsmith adaptations, including European films by the likes of Wenders, Chabrol and Clément, and other versions of her work - many by British directors filming with American stars in Europe - such as Anthony Minghella’s ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ (with Damon, Law, Paltrow and Blanchett).

Twenty years after her death, Todd Haynes became only the second American director to film one of her novels; ‘Carol’, starring Cate Blanchett, ranks among the very finest of the adaptations. All these and more will feature in this talk, from the familiar to the forgotten, such as the Oscar-nominated ‘The Glass Cell’, from Germany’s Hans Geissendörfer.