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Peter Bogdanovich | 1968 | 90 MINS
In one of the most powerful films of 1968, an aging horror star questions his place in modern Hollywood, while a psychotic Vietnam War veteran goes on a killing spree.

In Detail

After unhinged Vietnam vet Bobby Thompson (Tim O'Kelly) kills his wife and mother, he goes on a brutal shooting spree. Starting at an oil refinery, he evades the police and continues his murderous outing at a drive-in movie theatre, where Byron Orlock (Boris Karloff), a retiring horror film icon, is making a promotional appearance.

Before long, Orlock, a symbol of fantastical old-fashioned scares, faces off against Thompson, a remorseless psychopath rooted in a harsh modern reality. Maximum suspense that scores an unerring bullseye and one of the greatest directorial debuts of all time.

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