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Peter Bogdanovich | 1968 | 90 MINS
In one of the most powerful films of 1968, an aging horror star questions his place in modern Hollywood, while a psychotic Vietnam War veteran goes on a killing spree.

FROM 22 Aug

Date and Times

Mon 22 Aug
Tue 23 Aug
Picture Palace

In Detail

After unhinged Vietnam vet Bobby Thompson (Tim O'Kelly) kills his wife and mother, he goes on a brutal shooting spree. Starting at an oil refinery, he evades the police and continues his murderous outing at a drive-in movie theatre, where Byron Orlock (Boris Karloff), a retiring horror film icon, is making a promotional appearance.

Before long, Orlock, a symbol of fantastical old-fashioned scares, faces off against Thompson, a remorseless psychopath rooted in a harsh modern reality. Maximum suspense that scores an unerring bullseye and one of the greatest directorial debuts of all time.

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