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Decland Recks | 2022 | 94 MINS
Ireland | Subtitles
UK Premiere - Ireland

‘Tarrac’ puts a new set of oars into an old-fashioned sporting underdog story: naomhóg racing is not widely known outside Ireland and even there, an all-women racing team, in this rowing boat made from wood, tar and canvas, is niche.

In Detail

Yet it’s the star of Declan Recks’ entertaining drama – alongside the four ladies determined to win the regional (Munster) finals for their small Irish-speaking Kerry village for the first time in 22 years.

Aoife Ní Bhraoin returns home to help her father, Breandán ‘The Bear’ Ó Braoin, recover from a heart attack. Day to day they get along just fine. As we dig a little deeper we find that much has been left unsaid about the loss of Aoife’s mother.

Using familiar building blocks, Recks confidently builds to an emotional finale amid a nuanced father-daughter relationship. The combination of female solidarity of these ‘sisters of the sea’ and a sharp focus on festering family wounds helps this feelgood feature sail over the waves of predictability for a sweet landing on solid home ground. The lingering Irish theme of children who leave and parents who mourn them gets a thorough airing here, this time in the Irish language.

Our thanks to Parkland Pictures for this screening.

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