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That They May Face the Rising Sun

Pat Collins | 2023 | 111 MINS
International Panorama: Ireland

Based on internationally acclaimed Irish author John McGahern's award-winning novel of the same name, this is a vivid evocation of nature, humanity and life itself, set in a 1980's rural community in Ireland.

In Detail

Joe (Barry Ward) and Kate Ruttledge (Anna Bederke) leave London to live and work in a small lakeside community in Ireland, near to where Joe grew up.

He writes, she is a photographer and artist. Creative days mingle with tending to the bee hives, growing food in their raised beds and keeping open house for any neighbour who feels inclined to drop by for a gossip, a mug of tea or a word of advice. Joe and Kate look upon their neighbours with a kind of benevolent indulgence; in turn, some of the locals regard them with fond bemusement.

The prickly Patrick (Lalor Roddy) belittles their love of the quiet rural life and seems to resent the pleasure they take in the simple things. Sharing some of the sensitive qualities of Colm Bairead’s ‘The Quiet Girl’ (2022), this is a lyrical, loving celebration of the everyday. The sense of tranquillity is palpable, and the film almost seems designed to lower your blood pressure.

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