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The Beasts

As Bestas

Rodrigo Sorogoyen | 2022 | 137 MINS
Spain/France | Subtitles
‘The Beasts’ is a pulsating psychological thriller from Spanish director Rodrigo Sorogoyen, which explores tension between local farmers and two outsiders in a Galician village.

In Detail

A middle-aged French couple moves to a local village, seeking closeness with nature, where their presence inflames two locals to the point of outright hostility and shocking violence.

Amidst the gorgeous, lush landscape of Galicia, Sorogoyen injects a pulsing, unnerving score that reflects the building hostility between the two households. The surrounding farmland may be Antoine and Olga’s joy, but the isolation is also a constant threat.

Sorogoyen hits the bullseye in placing’ The Beasts’ in an intersection between a rural thriller and a Western in which all the weight of the story falls upon its characters.

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