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The Blue Caftan

Le Bleu du Caftan

Maryam Touzani | 2022 | 122 MINS
France/Morocco | Subtitles
International Panorama: France/Morocco

A middle-aged tailor and his wife find their relationship turned upside down by the arrival of a handsome new apprentice.

In Detail

Halim and Mina run a caftan shop in the medina in Salé.

Halim is a maalem, an expert seamster who works at his own pace. But in order not to completely alienate their clients, the orders need to be finished in some sort of timely fashion. Which is why Halim and Mina hire Youssef, who proves to be a dependable and gifted apprentice, and who becomes smitten with Halim and his delicate mode of instruction.

Above all, ‘The Blue Caftan’ is a story about a silent love triangle, an elegant melodrama that breathes love for its three protagonists, observing their lives through objects and rituals, dishes, fruits and golden threads.

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