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Carlo Hintermann | 2020 | 95 MINS
Italy/UK/Belgium | Subtitles
UK Premiere:
Straddling the past and the present, and weaving ideas of physiology, psychology and spiritualism, ‘The Book of Vision’ is a bold and uncompromising feature.

In Detail

Following the fractured experiences of a young female doctor as her research into 18th century medicine chimes with her own biological challenges, the film is a beautifully shot, narratively complex exploration of our evolving relationship with our bodies and souls.

Cinematographer Jorg Widmer, who also shot Malick’s ‘A Hidden Life’, treats each scene as a portrait to be savoured, filling the frame with exquisite detail drawn from Mariano Tufano’s gorgeous costumes. The presence of Charles Dance topping the cast, as well as of executive producer Terrence Malick, may help pique the interest of audiences interested in its themes of medicine, the occult and animism.

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