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The Collini Case

Der Fall Collini

Marco Kreuzpaintner | 2019 | 123 MINS
Germany | Subtitles
Audience Award - Festival 2021

A young lawyer stumbles upon a vast conspiracy while investigating a brutal murder case in this gripping time-twisty adaptation of Ferdinand von Schirach’s bestselling novel.

In Detail

In Berlin, just three months after passing the bar, lawyer Caspar Leinen (Elyas M’Barek) agrees to defend ageing Italian murderer Fabrizio Collini (Franco Nero). In an unfortunate coincidence, Collini’s victim is German entrepreneur Hans Meyer (Manfred Zapatka), who was like a dad to Caspar growing up. Last year's 'surprise' film at the festival, it picked up the audience award for Best Festival Film - a unique achievement for the mystery film.

To make matters worse, his legal opponent is his former professor, Dr Mattinger (Heiner Lauterbach). There’s a lot of dense plot and legal jargon to compress, but punchy editing ensures the film remains fast-paced and light on its feet.

Unyielding suspense, a noteworthy theme about justice and unjust laws, very professional production elements and a history lesson make ‘The Collini Case’ thoughtfully absorbing cinema.

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