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The Collini Case

Der Fall Collini

Marco Kreuzpaintner | 2019 | 123 MINS
Germany | Subtitles
The winner of our audience award for best film at this year’s festival.

A rookie defence lawyer takes on a bizarre murder case in director Marco Kreuzpaintner's seamlessly crafted thriller.

In Detail

'The Collini Case' follows young lawyer Caspar Leinan assigned to defend a retired Italian worker (Franco Nero) who is accused of killing a wealthy industrialist. However, Caspar had been a protegee of the murdered man who he considered a father figure.

Structured in three separate timelines 'The Collini Case' deals with echoes of Nazism and packs a punch at the end. Leaning on the inherent intrigue of the narrative and the strength of his cast, Kreuzpaintner keeps things simple and engaging eschewing flashy aesthetics. This is an intelligent, unsettling and pertinent legal drama that was this year’s surprise film at the festival.

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