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The Fam

La Mif

Fred Baillif | 2021 | 110 MINS
Switzerland | Subtitles
International Panorama: Switzerland

A group of teenagers are forced by circumstance to live together in foster care when an incident triggers a chain of problematic events.

In Detail

Seven girls live under the same roof but haven’t chosen each other, just like a family. Emerging from difficult backgrounds, here in the safe house, the girls find a new community, in a way they’d never experienced before. A moving examination of the juvenile care system, it draws a blurred line between documentary and fiction.

Director Baillif, a former social worker himself, teases remarkable performances out of a cast given they are non-professional actors who live at a Geneva care home working with them over two years. The result is a deeply empathetic observation that embraces without flinching the raw emotion of its characters, threading a frightening statement on sexual abuse.

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