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Florian Zeller | 2020 | 97 MINS
UK, France


An elderly man struggles with daily life as dementia tightens its hold on him. Anthony Hopkins delivers a devastating, heart-breaking performance.

In Detail

Anne (Olivia Colman) is losing patience with her 80-year-old father, Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), whose grip on reality is fading but who refuses to allow a carer to look after him. She’s moving to France and needs to find a carer.

What makes this depiction of dementia so bone-chillingly brilliant is that it tells the story from Anthony’s point of view. When he is confused, so is the audience such as when he suddenly doesn’t recognise his daughter who is played by another actress. There are constant tweaks to the layout and decor of his apartment. This sleight of hand is what cinema can do so well - empathise. Living in Anthony’s mind is a unique and unnerving experience.

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