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The Good Boss

El Buen Patrón

Fernando León de Aranoa | 2021 | 120 MINS
Spain | Subtitles
Javier Bardem reteams with 'Loving Pablo' director Fernando León de Aranoa for this darkly comic look at a Spanish factory boss trying to keep his company on top.

In Detail

Blanco, the charismatic owner of a family-run factory, is under pressure as he covets a local award for business excellence. Everything needs to be perfect!

But the veneer of the perfect company cracks as Blanco has to deal with a vengeful fired worker, a depressed supervisor, and an infatuated ambitious intern. To win the competition, the manipulative "good boss" shamelessly meddles in his employees' private lives and crosses every line imaginable, unknowingly starting an explosive chain reaction with wild consequences.

León de Aranoas impeccable writing and restrained direction work in harmony with Bardem’s pitch-perfect performance.

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