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Sydney Furie | 1965 | 103 MINS
Gritty thriller starring Michael Caine in a BAFTA-winning performance as the everyman’s Bond.

FROM 21 Aug

Date and Times

Sun 21 Aug

In Detail

Although conceived and produced by Harry Salzman and scored by John Barry, this is a film which deliberately positions itself miles away from the up until this time familiar James Bond espionage ethos. Palmer is a short sighted, class-ridden, form-signing petty criminal, co-opted into the spy service to avoid a year in jail.

He lives in a bedsit and wakes up with an alarm call and not a stunning sexual conquest. Unlike Bond too, he operates in an environment which is recognisable and totally believable; big echoing offices ruled by "passed over Majors", where filling out forms is as important as tedious leg work and the idea of an Aston Martin as a company car would be ridiculous.

The glamorous stereotypes of 007 have been replaced by the grinding, self-effacing reality of the civil service, with its believable day-to-day grind. In short Ipcress has roots in the contemporary wave of 60's kitchen-sink drama, and not garish Bond fantasies.

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