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The Knight of the Mean Streets

Philip Marlowe on Screen

Patrick Hargood | 2023 | 100 MINS
Film Talk

A talk exploring the portrayals on screen of the legendary private eye, illustrated by a range of clips.

In Detail

Marlowe is back on the big screen - 45 years after the last Marlowe feature film, Liam Neeson has taken on the role and this talk will consider the merits of this latest interpretation and those of his predecessors.

For many filmgoers Raymond Chandler’s private eye Philip Marlowe will immediately bring to mind Humphrey Bogart, exchanging whip-smart dialogue with Lauren Bacall in Howard Hawks’ masterly film noir ‘The Big Sleep.’

But a number of other actors have taken on the role of the knight of the mean streets of LA, including Dick Powell in ‘Murder My Sweet’ (based on ‘Farewell, My Lovely’), Elliott Gould in Robert Altman’s neo noir take on ‘The Long Goodbye’ and Robert Mitchum in two seventies film versions.

In this talk Cinema Education Officer Patrick Hargood, along with Sandy Guthrie from his team, will offer you a baker’s dozen of past Marlowes, including all the above plus James Garner, two Montgomerys (Robert and George) and Philip Carey (what do you mean, “who’s Philip Carey?”), among others.

Come ready to enjoy pungent, relishable dialogue and some sharply contrasting interpretations of both the character and the LA milieu of the stories.
100m (inc Q&A)

Tickets £6.50

Thu 8 June 18:15 – In the Auditorium