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The Middle Man

Bent Hamer | 2022 | 95 MINS
In a town plagued by disaster, one man has the job of breaking the worst news to its citizens, in director Bent Hamer’s wryly amusing absurdist drama.

In Detail

The film opens with the long-unemployed Frank (Kon-Tiki’s Pål Sverre Hagen) getting his big break. He’s just been hired to be the new middle man, a prominent if rather difficult job: in a town that’s inexplicably plagued by accidents and disasters, Frank’s primary responsibility is informing people about the deaths of their loved ones.

Almost noirish in its analysis of the simmering tensions among the town’s ferociously enigmatic denizens - no one answers a question directly, and even Frank is somewhat mysterious – ‘The Middle Man’ explores how we connect or fail to connect with others and find our own humanity in the most unlikely circumstances.

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