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The Real Charlie Chaplin

Peter Middleton/James Spinney | 2021 | 114 MINS
Focus on the Documentary

Miraculously restored archival materials lend The Real Charlie Chaplin credibility and unique insight, casting a fair look at the entertainer that celebrates his genius while scrutinizing his foibles.

In Detail

A charmer, a scoundrel, a sweetheart and a monster not to mention a celebrity of scandalous appetites Chaplin makes an extraordinary subject.

‘The Real Charlie Chaplin’, posits his Little Tramp alter ego as a shield and veil. If audiences were looking at the bowler hat, toothbrush moustache, and rubbery cane, they’d never see the man wearing them.

This top-to-bottom bio-doc examines Chaplin as a once-in-a-generation funnyman, while recognizing that as only one of the many roles he played in his eventful life: the Dickensian child labourer, the innovative vaudevillian, the big-hearted humanist, the vindictive lover, the Tinseltown captain of industry, the witch-hunted commie, the reclusive Swiss expat.

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