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Richard Dee-Roberts | 2022 | 96 MINS
The war is over, but the conflict continues... The year is 1950. German war bride Anna (Anne Scherliess) and her young son Peter have relocated from Berlin to England to reunite with her British husband Jack Simpson, but face a furious backlash from the local community because of her German heritage.

In Detail

With Jack nowhere to be seen, Anna finds herself evicted from the family home. She turns to the local Reverend, Charles Wilson (Richard Dee-Roberts) and his housekeeper, Miss Evans (Judith Paris), for help. But then Jack Simpson (Julian Gamm) returns, with tragic consequences.

Decades later, a chance discovery by a gravedigger makes news headlines. A forty-year-old secret is about to be unearthed. This is a timely powerful period drama, beautifully realised and with a poignant message. Directed by local Richard Dee-Roberts.

While the film didn't use Sussex locations, much of the post-production work was carried out in the director’s home in Chichester and the composer, Johnny Yates, also resides in Horsham, Sussex.

We hope to welcome director Richard Dee-Roberts and cast members Anne Scherliess (Anna Simpson); Judith Paris (Miss Evans); and Wendy Morgan (Pat Turner) to introduce their film and hold a Q&A afterwards.

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