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The Substitute

El Suplente

Diego Lerman | 2022 | 112 MINS
Argentina | Subtitles
A substitute teacher in Buenos Aires must step out of his teaching duties when one of his students is threatened by a local drug kingpin.

In Detail

In cinema, the story of the committed teacher and the tough inner-city teens never gets old – although it can get clichéd.

That’s not the case, though, with Diego Lerman’s Argentinian drama. Lucio is a passionate but somewhat embittered literature scholar with frustrated creative ambitions who takes a supply teacher job in a tough area. A promising classroom vibe is damaged, however, when local gendarmerie raid the school after drugs are found on the premises – a fix-up involving mayoral rivalries – resulting in student Dilan, a protégé of Roberto, having to go on the run.

A clever mix of social issues and elements of gangland thriller underpinned by an insightful central character study.

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