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Lindsay Anderson | 1967/57 | 87 MINS
A pair of Anderson’s wonderful short films – ‘The White Bus’ is a cult classic observation of a woman’s trip round Manchester. ‘Every Day Except Christmas’ is an evocative day in the life of Covent Garden market.

In Detail

Written by Shelagh Delaney (‘A Taste of Honey’), ‘The White Bus’ tells the story of an unnamed young woman (Patricia Healey) who has moved from Salford to work in London but returns for a day to board a double-decker and take a sightseeing tour of her home city. It’s a fascinating snapshot of an era and includes the screen debut of Anthony Hopkins.

‘Every Day Except Christmas’ is Anderson’s rich and moving portrait of Covent Garden when it was London’s major flower market. Compassionate and poetic, it is one of the high points of the Free Cinema movement and showcased Anderson’s skill as a filmmaker.

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