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The Wonder

Sebastián Lelio | 2022 | 103 MINS
Florence Pugh is miraculously good as a nurse investigating an alleged miracle in a captivating period thriller about the dangers of religious fervour.

In Detail

Lib is called out to remote Ireland in the 1860s to investigate and assist on the case of Anna, an 11-year-old girl who hasn’t eaten for four months yet remains bizarrely healthy. She’s one of two women, the other being a nun, asked to watch her in shifts, reporting back on any explanation for something so potentially miraculous.

As the film develops from a spooky Brontë romance into a pointed indictment of society, it takes aim at some familiar targets, but the dramatic impact is powerful. Director Sebastián Lelio (‘A Fantastic Woman’) has always been a talented filmmaker with a unique creative flare, and ‘The Wonder’ is no exception.

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