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The World to Come

Mona Fastvold | 2020 | 105 MINS

In Detail

Mona Fastvold’s love story stars Katherine Waterston and Vanessa Kirby as 19th-century farmers’ wives seeking escape from drudgery and husbands in rural New York.

Abigail and Tallie are women ahead of their confined, frustrated time. Abigail is reeling from the death of her daughter. They identify in each other a kindred spirit, but also an impulsive and reckless connection. They snatch a few stolen hours in the woods amid their daily chores. Their husbands Dyer and Finney emerge as unideal husbands – a lesser film would have them as uniform oppressors but Fasvold’s movie gives them depth as well as menace.

The power of this film creeps up on you and doesn’t let go. Boasting fiercely committed performances, subtle direction and painterly design, ‘The World to Come’ is brimful of passion and pain.

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