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Three Floors

Tre Piani

Nanni Moretti | 2021 | 119 MINS
Italy | Subtitles
A tautly structured soap-operatic ensemble movie about four families living in the same apartment building and how their lives intertwine over the years.

In Detail

Nanni Moretti’s 'Three Floors' is a film about three sets of owners of well-appointed apartments in the condominium whose lives are changed forever by the event of one night.

Heavily pregnant Monica leaves the building alone, apparently going into labour. She steps into the dark street, urgently flagging down a motorist, who swerves out of control.

In doing so, he knocks down and kills another woman. This is Andrea, the drunk son of controlling father Vittario and kindly mother, Dora, who live upstairs.

There are powerhouse performances and queasily effective scenes in this story of a man who suspects his neighbour of abuse.

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