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Les Confins du Monde

Guillaume Nicloux | 2018 | 104 MINS
France | Subtitles
Please note that this film has been withdrawn by the distributor - Replaced by GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.
The wartime backdrop may be 1945 Indochina rather than 1969 Vietnam, but “Apocalypse Eventually” would be an apt alternative title for ‘To the Ends of the World.’

In Detail

Indochina, 1945. Robert Tassen, (the late Gaspard Ulliel) a young French soldier is the only survivor of a massacre where his brother perished before his eyes. Blinded by vengeance, Robert engages in a solitary and secret quest to find the assassins. But his meeting with Maï, a young Indochinese woman, will change his beliefs.

This is a deliberate, elliptical and startlingly carnal vision of a rogue French soldier’s vengeful heart-of-darkness quest from Guillaume Nicloux. Sewn through with horrifying imagery of brutality and decay - yet not specifically an anti-war film so much as a personal probe into the toxifying properties of unresolved grief. It finds a more robust cinematic language for its philosophical wanderings, with cinematographer David Ungaro’s ravishing jungle vistas practically causing sweat to bead on the screen.

That semi-epic scope, coupled with the star presence of Gaspard Ulliel and recent Nicloux regular Gérard Depardieu, prove an acquired, blood-in-the-mouth taste. Also stars Lang Khê Tran, Guillaume Gouix, Jonathan Couzinié, and Kevin Janss.

Please note that this film has been withdrawn by the distributor.

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