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Zaida Bergroth | 2020 | 103 MINS
Finland | Subtitles
Swedish-speaking Finnish artist Tove Jansson created The Moomins. This affectionate and engaging film follows a wild decade in the free-spirited artist’s life and the creation of the Moomin books.

In Detail

The Moomins, with their hippo-like silhouettes, are beloved cartoon characters familiar to readers around the globe. But less is known about their creator, the bisexual, Swedish-speaking, Finnish visual artist and author Tove Jansson and her surprisingly unconventional life. Alma Pöysti gives a mesmerising performance as Tove in this sensuously textured film that concentrates on a formative decade in her life from the mid-40s to the mid-50s.

The film explores evolving definitions of art through her tense relationship with her father but the deeper focus is on Tove as a person and the fascinating milieu in which she lives. You’re left with an admiration for a charming, spirited woman who, thankfully, didn’t listen to her father.

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