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Two of a Kind

Jumeaux Mais Pas Trop

Olivier Ducray/Wilfried Méance | 2022 | 96 MINS
France | Subtitles
French Film Festival UK - FILM & Q&A

A funny and touching comedy about the intertwining lives of two unlikely twins. Anthony Girard, a small-time technician learns that he has a twin brother, Grégoire Beaulieu, a politician running for the local elections.

In Detail

Adopted by separate families 33 years ago, they have been raised quite differently. Grégoire is bourgeois, ambitious, and has a promising career ahead of him. Anthony has no prospects, and his life is falling apart.

Just when you think their lives are mapped out, a mini-earthquake comes out of the blue. The two brothers prove they are as different as black and white.
Cast includes Ahmed Sylla, Bertrand Usclat, Gérard Jugnot, Pauline Clément.

We are delighted to welcome for a Q&A after the film: French Film Festival UK Director Richard Mowe; Film Director Wilfried Meance; and actor Olivier Ducray.

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