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Nathan Buck | 2022 | 89 MINS
Germany | Subtitles
UK Premiere - Germany

Leah, a newly bereaved and reclusive artist, invites lifelong friends to her remote farm in Andalucia. A weekend of revelation and fateful decision-making ensues.

In Detail

This full-length narrative debut by a specialist in arts documentary is an extremely polished chamber piece, redolent of fierce heat from the Spanish sun and an atmosphere ripe with secrets and lies. The film is graced by an immaculate central performance from Tara Lynn Orr.

Director Statement: “Films that have left a big impression on me: ‘La Règle du Jeu,’ ‘Persona,’ ‘Knife in the Water,’ ‘The Big Chill,’ and ‘Festen’ are all movies that rely on great performances, the excavation of memory and a claustrophobic world that heightens sexual and dramatic tension.” Nathan Buck

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