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Gaspar Noé | 2021 | 140 MINS
France | Subtitles
Arch provocateur Gaspar Noé's latest is a solemn depiction of an elderly couple living out their final days together in an apartment.

In Detail

Dario Argento plays an aging film critic attempting to write a book about cinema and dreams, while Francoise Lebrun’s a retired therapist who continually loses track of where she is and who’s around her. From the moment it begins, the couple’s experiences drift apart and overlap many times over.

The effect is less dizzying than meditative, as Noé and cinematographer Benoit Debie settle into the immersive rhythm of their subjects’ lives via a clever split screen effect that enables us to follow two realities at once.

This might be Noé's finest work – it’s certainly his most thoughtful.

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