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John Morton | 2014 | 90 MINS
Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), formerly the Head of the Olympic Deliverance Commission, has taken up the position of Head of Values at the BBC.

In Detail

The natural career change for ‘Twenty Twelve’s Olympics supremo Ian Fletcher was an executive position at another of the great talking-shops, the BBC itself.

Thus ‘W1A’ continues in the footprints of its predecessor, with Fletcher at the centre of the middle of things at the Beeb, quickly becoming the spokesperson and whipping boy for a number of topical-at-the-time scandals at the corporation, involving regional discrimination and pay levels. Now with the Quango-esque title "Head of Values" he is soon involved with a similar group of headless deadbeats talking lots but saying little in another amusing spoof comedy.

Hugh Bonneville writes: “As with its predecessor, ‘W1A’ proved to be strangely prophetic: Jeremy Clarkson causing headaches for senior management and problems with a tricky ‘Match of the Day’ presenter… I lost count of the number of BBC employees who sidled up to me when we were filming at Broadcasting House and said, “I hope you realise you’re making a documentary, not a comedy?”

Our thanks to the BBC for this screening.

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