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War Pony

Riley Keough / Gina Gammell | 2022 | 115 MINS
The tenderness, wisdom and instinct to survive of two teenage males is beautifully observed in actor-turned-director Riley Keough’s debut feature.

In Detail

The interlocking stories of 12-year-old Matho and the older Bill both from the Lakota (Sioux) community.

Both characters share a flair for entrepreneurship. Matho wants approval from his father, which leads to a series of impulsive decisions, while Bill tries to hustle his way to the ‘American Dream’. The drama plays out at a slow and steady pace, designed to get viewers invested in both characters’ plights. Yet there is in their lives something genuinely uplifting and heroic.

They want to give love and they have an untrained aptitude for it – but they are both let down. A moving experiment in collective narrative filmmaking, and an example of how stories can honour instead of exploit.

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