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A Banquet

Ruth Paxton | 2021 | 97 MINS
A widowed mother is radically tested when her teenage daughter insists a supernatural experience has left her body in service to a higher power.

In Detail

Sienna Guillory stars as Holly, a newly widowed parent left alone with daughters Betsy (Jessica Alexander) and Isabelle (Ruby Stokes). Holly’s invalid husband dies a gruesome death, his body discovered by Holly and Betsy.

Soon after, Betsy loses her appetite and cannot consume food without extreme convulsions. There’s no medical explanation for Betsy’s condition, except - as per her words - that she’s been enlightened and taken over by something unknown.

Hauntingly unpredictable, ‘A Banquet’ weaves themes of grief, identity, care, and faith together into an elaborate portrait of three women bound together by crisis. Shimmering tension abounds.

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