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James Glancy / Marty Stalker | 2023 | 90 MINS
UK | Some Subtitles
UK Premiere

A timely new documentary chronicles James Glancy, a British solder’s return to Afghanistan, just as U.S. troops pulled out of the country amid a Taliban takeover.

In Detail

James Glancy, a filmmaker and former British Royal Marine commando who was decorated for his actions in combat, returns to Afghanistan with a small, handpicked team to help him answer the question that has haunted him for ten years. Was it worth it?

Dramatically, mid-way through filming, President Joe Biden announces that the US will be pulling troops out by 9/11, starting a Taliban offensive that leads to the dramatic fall of the Afghanistan Government, amidst chaotic evacuation scenes in Kabul, as American forces withdraw. “The U.S. announced their complete withdrawal and we found ourselves in a war-torn country that was collapsing around us.

The Taliban took complete control, and our own mission changed from filming to helping Afghan friends evacuate from certain death. The Taliban symbolically announced their new government on September 11, 2021, exactly twenty years after the attack on the World Trade Centre, and we are now some of the last people to document life in the old Afghanistan and the events that lead to the return of the Taliban”. – James Glancy.

We are delighted to welcome James Glancy to introduce his film followed by a Q&A after the screening.

Our thanks to Westend Films UK for this screening.

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