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All That Breathes

Shaunak Sen | 2022 | 97 MINS
UK/India | Subtitles
Focus On The Documentary

The film follows two brothers who run a bird hospital dedicated to rescuing injured black kites, a staple in the skies of New Delhi, India.

In Detail

In one of the world's most populated cities, cows, rats, monkeys, frogs, and hogs jostle cheek-by-jowl with people. Here, two brothers fall in love with a bird - the black kite. From their makeshift bird hospital in their tiny basement, the "kite brothers" care for thousands of these mesmeric creatures that drop daily from New Delhi's smog-choked skies.

As environmental toxicity and civil unrest escalate, the relationship between this Muslim family and the neglected kite forms a poetic chronicle of the city's collapsing ecology and rising social tensions. A film as gorgeous as it is ambitious, as stirring as it is terrifying.

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