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Federico Fellini | 1974 | 124 MINS
Italy | Subtitles
Fellini’s semi-autobiographical comedy-drama about Titta, an adolescent boy growing up among an eccentric cast of characters in the fictional town of Borgo – a nostalgic and joyful treat.

In Detail

The title translates as “I remember” and the film is a carnivalesque reminiscence of Fellini’s hometown and its circus of social rituals, adolescent desires, male fantasies and political subterfuge. The film is saturated with Fellini’s affection for his characters with stories loosely centring on a teenager named Titta and his household including his adolescent brother, his ever-supportive mother who is always defending him against his father, his freeloading maternal Uncle Lallo and his paternal grandfather who slyly has eyes and hands for the household maid.

One of Fellini’s best-loved productions, weaving together Giuseppe Rottuno’s colourful cinematography, Danilo Donati’s extravagant costumes and sets and Nino rota’s nostalgia-tinged score. Shown in a rare 35mm print.

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