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Before Sunrise

Special Screening

Richard Linklater | 1995 | 101 MINS
Chichester Youth Cinema Programmers

In partnership with Film Hub South East, this Chichester Youth Cinema screening has been selected, organised and managed by Bishop Luffa School’s Sixth Form Film Studies students. The cinema is proud to be part of their journey as they develop their experience and understanding of film distribution and exhibition. Everyone welcome!

In Detail

When two strangers meet on a train, both with different destinations, lives and stories, they discover a surprising deep connection between them. Yet, when American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) must part from French Celine (Julie Delpy), he jumps headfirst into chance and asks Celine to join him, just for one night together in Vienna.

This beautiful film captures every raw aspect of attraction, desire and romance's place in society. Filled with nuanced conversations, ‘Before Sunrise’ is an intimate 24-hour love story that dives into the wonder of human connection.

With the talent of cinematographer Lee Daniel, ‘Before Sunrise’ perfectly visualizes the warmth of affection we all wish for this Early Winter season.

Including the marvellously natural performances of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, this film perfectly portrays a raw exchange of unfiltered thoughts.

Interrailing summer may be over, but our cinema invites you to relive this summer love story this December!

Tickets only £7
Under 25’s £4.50

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