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Bob Marley: One Love

Reinaldo Marcus Green | 2023 | 120 MINS
Celebrates the life and music of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, an icon who inspired generations through his message of love and unity.

In Detail

Being a trailblazer, Marley (Kingsley Ben-Adir) was involved in the development of reggae as a musical genre. Jamaican culture became more popular because of his music, which was not just about sounds, but a way of life.

Marley preached peace, harmony, and respect and was not afraid to use his music as a platform for his opinions on politics or religion. He has maintained such popularity over the years that you can find his poster hanging in modern-day student rooms, even though he hasn't produced any music since 1980. That is how much of an influence this man has had on music and pop culture. That being the case, the lead actor had to be perfect. Kingsley Ben-Adir was cast as Bob, after an extensive, yearlong and globe-spanning search by the studio.

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