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Bread & Roses

Sahra Mani | 2023 | 90 MINS
USA | Subtitles
Focus on the Documentary

Capturing the experiences of Afghanistan women's lives under the Taliban since they took control of Kabul, this documentary not only deserves our attention but also our action.

FROM 20 Jul

Date and Times

Sat 20 Jul

In Detail

We first see what had become normal life in Kabul. A busy market filled with produce and customers. Carefree children play together. A beautiful woman walks the streets in colourful attire. But we are then introduced to the three women who form the core of the film.

We follow dentist Zahra, activist Taranom and government employee Sharifa in real time as they fight to recover their autonomy. Director Mani captures the spirit and resilience of the Afghan women through a raw depiction of their harrowing plight, offering a powerful window into the seismic impact on women's rights and livelihoods after Kabul fell to the Taliban in 2021.

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