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Karl Golden | 2019 | 90 MINS

A homeless man, Daniel, searching for his lost dog, forges an unexpected bond with a young boy. A deeply poignant film about mental illness in today’s society. With beautiful performances by Diarmaid Murtagh and Woody Norman.

In Detail

We encounter Daniel first living with his dog Bruno in a garage lock-up from which he is evicted shortly thereafter. While seeking other accommodation, he witnesses a group of men trashing a local playground, with which we discover later he has a traumatic connection.

When Daniel intervenes, he suffers a severe beating and ends up in hospital, losing his dog Bruno along the way. When he returns to the playground in an attempt to find Bruno, he encounters a young runaway boy called Izzy sleeping there. When Izzy insists on following Daniel around the city and helping him find Bruno, Daniel is forced to come to terms with a horrific moment of personal loss in his life. Bruno is marked often by a lack of dialogue or communication; indeed, Daniel hardly speaks throughout the entire film (until forced to do so), but yet in his gait and expression he communicates a deeper trauma, only revealed much later in the work. While homelessness may be prominently featured here, Bruno is above all a moving and sensitively told excavation of personal loss.

Thanks to Bulldog Pictures for this screening.

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