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The Lonely Wife

Satyajit Ray | India | 117 MINS
1964 | Subtitles
The frustrated wife of a newspaper editor falls in love with her cousin-in-law in this exquisite drama of repressed desire shot in glowing black and white.

In Detail

Satyajit Ray’s masterpiece is set in Calcutta in British India: Charulata, played by the hypnotically beautiful Madhabi Mukherjee, is the bored, cultured wife of a newspaper editor and proprittor who prides himself on being a bold free thinker. He invites his cousin Amal to stay to nourish his Charulata’s creative impulses.

They bond over literature but soon their interest in each other grows. ‘There is such miraculous clarity here, such great acting, staged with theatrical aplomb and shot with unshowy genius. It has the effortless fluency and gaiety of a Shakespearean comedy.’ The Guardian

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