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Dr Stuart Joy with Patrick Hargood | 120 MINS
An illustrated talk by Dr Stuart Joy of Solent University, with Patrick Hargood, Deputy Education Officer, Chichester Cinema

In Detail

Produced during a break while filming his debut feature, 'Following' (1998), Christopher Nolan’s short film, 'Doodlebug' has attracted comparatively little critical attention when set against the backdrop of his feature filmmaking. The first part of this talk attempts to address this perceived imbalance by offering an in-depth discussion of 'Doodlebug'.

Dr Stuart Joy of Solent University, author of a recent study of Nolan’s films, 'The Traumatic Screen', will explore the short film form’s relationship to the passing of time and interpret the visual and thematic terrain of 'Doodlebug' as being indicative of the pre-occupations that would come to dominate Nolan’s later career.

In the second part of this event Patrick Hargood of the cinema’s education team will take the reverse perspective, looking in detail at Nolan’s latest film, ‘Tenet’, and the ways in which it develops themes from Nolan’s earlier work.