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Compartment Number 6

Hytti Nro 6

Juho Kuosmanen | 2021 | 107 MINS
Finland | Subtitles
International Panorama:

An archaeology student is on her way to Russia’s remote north-west when she has to share a compartment with a shaven-headed drunk.

In Detail

Despite the bone-chilling cold of its location in Murmansk in Russia’s remote north-west, there’s a wonderful human warmth and humour in this offbeat romantic story of strangers on a train.

Sweet-natured, open-hearted Laura gets on this uncomfortable train in the freezing wintry cold, where she finds that she must share compartment number 6 with Vadim, a boorish, drunk young guy who is on his way to get a job in a coal mine in Murmansk and is openly abusive, misogynistic and philistine about Laura’s plans.

It's an improbably beautiful film about strangers on a train coming to terms with each other as they make peace with their troubled selves.

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