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Margus Paju | 2020 | 100 MINS
Estonia | Subtitles
UK Premiere

A spy thriller in the John Le Carré mode, about an Estonian intelligence officer, who has to track down a mysterious Soviet double agent on the eve of WWII.

In Detail

August 23, 1939. The Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany, bitter enemies so far, shock the world by signing a non-aggression pact. Europe fears an imminent war. At that very moment, an Estonian agent is murdered and a Soviet source claims that there is a mole in their ranks. Feliks Kangur (Priit Võigemast), an Estonian spy in Helsinki, will be assigned to catch the traitor.

At the same time, global political and military events start to unfold at a dizzying speed and Feliks finds out that the Red Army has kicked off a secret operation to annex Estonia. But Feliks is also burdened by a secret regarding his lover Maria, a young Polish art historian.

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